PRP: A proven treatment for partial rotator cuff tears

PRP: A proven treatment for partial rotator cuff tears

The evidence-based conclusion is that regenerative injection therapies– such as  platelet rich plasma (PRP), can be first-line modalities for patients with chronic shoulder pain.

Dr Louis Re offers PRP as treatment for partial rotator cuff tears and it is the most studied modality. PRP consistently improves pain and improves tissue health over a short duration with minimal treatments:

PRP is an evolving treatment modality gaining momentum in the rehabilitation and sports medicine applications. Studies suggest that biologically active substances and concentrated growth factors within PRP can initiate a healing cascade by the action of the elevated cytokines concentrations released during platelet degranulation, which stimulates the capillary regeneration within the area of tendon tear. The mechanism of tendon regeneration and healing may be responsible for the clinical and structural improvement seen in this study.

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