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About one-third of sports medicine injuries involve the shoulder. Because the shoulder joint is so mobile, it’s also quite vulnerable to damage, even when you’ve perfected your form and taken proper precautions. At the Midtown West area of Manhattan, New York City, the orthopedic practice of board-certified shoulder specialist Louis Peter Re Jr., MD, you get comprehensive sports medicine care specialized for your injury and recovery needs. Click the online scheduling button or phone the office for help now.

Sports Medicine Q & A

What are some common shoulder sports injuries?

Some of the most common sports injuries involving the shoulder include:

  • Labrum damage, like a superior labrum anterior and posterior (SLAP) tear 
  • Rotator cuff injuries, including rotator cuff tears
  • Tendon tear, such as biceps tendon tear
  • Tendon swelling, such as shoulder tendinitis
  • Shoulder bursitis
  • Shoulder dislocation
  • Shoulder instability
  • Muscle strains
  • Ligament sprains

Dr. Re is a leading New York shoulder expert with considerable experience in the diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of sports injuries. He uses a portable ultrasound machine to accurately visualize and diagnose your sports injury comfortably and quickly in the office. 

What causes sports injuries?

There are a few common causes of sports injuries, including: 


Accidents may encompass anything from running into another person to hitting an object to tripping, falling, or twisting the wrong way. Ligament tears and shoulder instability are two common examples of accident-related sports injuries.


An overuse injury develops when you repeatedly demand too much from your body. The repetitive stress accumulates until an injury like swimmer’s shoulder, a SLAP tear, or tennis elbow results. 

Poor training

If you exercise regularly without knowing proper form, you’re often unprotected from both accidents and overuse injuries. Proper training, along with correct protective equipment, can significantly decrease training-related injuries.

Lack of warmup

Failure to warm up, inadequate stretching, or both can contribute to or cause sports injuries. Some common examples of sports injuries that can happen because of lack of warmup include sprains, strains, and muscle cramps. 

Sometimes, a few different factors can come together to cause sports injuries. 

What is the treatment for sports injuries involving the shoulder?

The treatment for a shoulder sports injury depends on your symptoms, the limitations the injury imposes, and your recovery goals, among other things. 

Dr. Re specializes in all types of injury care. He typically recommends nonsurgical approaches including physical therapy; medication; and minimally invasive, in-office treatments like platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections to stimulate healing and ease your pain. 

In the event that conservative care doesn’t work, Dr. Re may recommend arthroscopic surgery to evaluate and treat your injury. 

He uses the most advanced methods and procedures, such as the REGENETEN™ bioinductive collagen implant, which stimulates new tissue growth in partial thickness rotator cuff tears. 

If you have shoulder surgery for your sports injury, it’s important to follow the preoperative prep and physical therapy plan that Dr. Re designs for you to maximize your recovery. Strengthening the muscles that support your shoulder can prevent reinjury.

Don’t delay in getting a sports injury assessment from a top-rated orthopedic expert. Call the office of Louis Peter Re Jr., MD, or book an appointment online now.