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Conservative therapy may be effective for treatment of type V AC dislocations

Conservative treatment of type V acromioclavicular dislocations demonstrated successful outcomes in many patients, and average time before return to duty did not improve with immediate vs. delayed surgery, according to a presentation made during the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons Annual Meeting. Researchers retrospectively reviewed the medical records of 41 patients with type V acromioclavicular […]

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Advantages in rotator cuff repair seen in both single and double row treatments

Surgical procedures for rotator cuff repair can be difficult and time consuming to perform and may be associated with a steep learning curve. According to some shoulder surgeons, the trend today is toward arthroscopic techniques for rotator cuff repair and away from mini-open and open procedures. Despite the approach used, often the surgeon must determine, […]

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Outcomes for surgical vs non-surgical treatment of broken shoulder

Among patients with a displaced fracture in the upper arm near the shoulder (proximal humeral), there was no significant difference between surgical treatment and nonsurgical treatment in patient-reported outcomes over two years following the fracture, results that do not support the trend of increased surgery for patients with this type of fracture, according to a […]

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The difficulties of treating shoulder pain in baseball pitchers

Results of treating shoulder pain in baseball pitchers and other throwing athletes are not as predictable as doctors, patients and coaches would like to think, according to a report in the journal Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinics of North America.

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Prompt, appropriate medical care for dislocated shoulder injuries

Prompt and appropriate treatment of a dislocated shoulder — when the head of the upper arm bone is completely knocked out of the shoulder socket — can minimize risk for future dislocations as well as the effects of related bone, muscle and nerve injuries, according to a literature review. The shoulder has the greatest range […]

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