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Reverse shoulder tumor prosthesis resulted in stable shoulder joint

Researchers found treatment of patients with proximal humerus tumors using a reverse shoulder tumor prosthesis without the need for a proximal humeral allograft resulted in a stable shoulder joint and functionally satisfying results. Between 2012 and 2014, researchers retrospectively evaluated information for 10 patients with malignant proximal humerus tumors who underwent arthroplasty with a reverse […]

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Virtual reality for motor rehabilitation of the shoulder

Researchers at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) have developed a virtual reality system for motor rehabilitation of the shoulder. The prototype, which includes a built-in movement sensor, allows the user to do controlled exercises as part of a football game. The system is made up of software developed in the motor of a multiplatform […]

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VIDEO: Remplissage is emerging treatment option for shoulder instability

Christopher S. Ahmad, MD, highlighted a discussion at Orthopedics Today Hawaii 2016 on treatment options for patients with shoulder instability conditions due to bone deficiency. He said one of the emerging treatment strategies is the Remplissage procedure as motion is preserved and the chances of patients having redislocation or failure decrease dramatically with the Remplissage […]

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Robotics exoskeleton for shoulder rehabilitation

A team from the Centre for Automation and Robotics (CAR, UPM-CSIC) has developed a robotic exoskeleton for efficient rehabilitation therapies for patients with shoulder injuries. By using strength and motion sensors, the system assesses the degree of an injury and its evolution as the treatment progresses. Additionally, the use of this system is simple and […]

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Study links psychological distress to greater shoulder pain and disability

Results from this prospective, cross-sectional study demonstrated catastrophic thinking and lower self-efficacy were linked with more shoulder pain and disability among patients who presented with shoulder pain and had no history of shoulder surgery. Our data support the notion that patient-to-patient variation in symptom intensity and magnitude of disability is more strongly related to psychological […]

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